Advanced Credit Scoring Seminar

Credit reference bureaus are mostly known for providing clients with credit reports. However, we as Creditinfo
pride ourselves in being an Information solutions company, providing data and tools that enable businesses
to make more objective credit risk decisions.

That is the reason Creditinfo has built up a strong Analytics competence centre developing statistically-based
credit risk models for credit bureaus and individual lenders across the globe, always with a primary view to
mitigating credit risk for our customers and enabling better decision-making.

We have developed and validated roughly 120 predictive models, during the last 5 years, in 34 countries used across a wide range of disciplines ranging from origination, fraud prevention,  customer management, marketing  (propensity models) to collections. All predictive models are useful only in a combination with efficient credit
strategies and policies.

Creditinfo Credit Score is a statistical model developed by experts using mathematical techniques on the Credit Reference Bureau data.

Recently we have started using data from social media and various other ‘non-traditional’ data sources to target the ‘thin-file’ and ‘unbanked’  population.

In Kenya’s scenario, we also develop projects with financial institutions, where we assist with development of specialized mobile scoring models. The introduction of Creditinfo Credit scoring enables automation of credit approvals, thus reducing cost of credit while improving efficiency and increasing credit access to consumers.
Knowing how to incorporate and use credit scoring tools and models in any business environment is vital. Credit Scorecards can also be aligned to the institution’s strategy.

Join us for this informative and interesting 3 day course 12th-14th October 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya.

You will find this course well positioned, with a good mix of ideas and interaction.

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