What will you learn?

The 3 day seminar begins with an introduction to the key principles and methodology of scoring and scorecards. This leads onto to credit scorecard development, implementation and monitoring. The agenda then moves on to consider how to improve your scorecards with advanced scoring techniques.

Upon completion of the training, participants will better understand the basics of credit scoring, along with scorecard development and deployment as well as being better equipped with practical skills to evaluate the quality of in-house and third-party scorecards and find ways to improve them.

Participants will also improve their skills to better design, develop, and implement credit scoring models to facilitate better informed consumer lending decisions.

  • Course will be very detailed and technical
  • You will gain comprehensive knowledge about building scorecards and credit scoring models
  • Each step of the scoring modelling process is described
  • How to do maintenance of this solution, when it is appropriate to adjust and review models
  • Monitoring of the scorecards
  • Lots of interactive exercises, practical knowledge