Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is a platform of Creditinfo that can provide information about various businesses with a view to assist clients in making sound business decisions from actionable information. Such information can include, but is not limited to: Legal form, location, current status of operation and other data as may be required or available. All our reports are useful tools for corporate strategic planning and decision making.

Types of Business Intelligence Reports

Intelligence Reports These are generally used as tools for minimizing trade risk by obtaining objective facts on a prospect before entering into business dealings. Reports will normally cover detailed aspects on operations of a company including locations, contacts, ownership structure, management, financials, registration details, principal activities, size of organization [capitalization], borrowing powers, charges and debentures and referees among others.

Employee Verification Reports
These reports are used to verify the borrowing applicant company and employment details. Credit providers are able to profile companies and therefore expand their potential customer base.

Identification Reports These reports are used to verify the legal status of a subject and usually involve a company registry search to verify this. The information supplied on this report is public information, sourced from various public registries. You can apply for this report on the “Apply Now” link below and also download a sample of the report so you can see the information we will provide to you.

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Site Verification Reports These add value to lenders by verifying all the data given to them by potential borrowers. Reports entail verification of the existence of the business, ownership details, business inventory and legal structure among others. This is used to verify details of an SME business as provided on the credit application form and also conduct a due diligence on the undisclosed activities of the owner manager and the business

Information found in the Reports

Summary Information
This is a brief overview of the company information; whether active, inactive (cessation of activities or liquidation) and finally if the status is unknown.

Company Identification
This is the main company information such as date of establishment, legal form, registered contact details, economic trading activities and more. Also included here are former names and/or previous legal forms.

Contact Information
This part includes the current company phone numbers, postal and email addresses.
Negative Information
Available negative information may include claims such as court judgments, unpaid bills, execution orders, and other types of debts and claims.

Corporate structure
This part mainly contains information about the owners, shareholders, management and branches and/or subsidiaries of the subject of the inquiry.
This section has information on the company’s operations, market, number of employees and size, top
customers and suppliers, banking information and any other related information.

Financial statements
In this section we avail the financial statements for the last 3 financial years. The main presentation is via a balance sheet, profit and loss account and the financial ratios.