Policy Rules

Align your business decisions across your Company Network.
Keep you clients on your RADAR with advanced credit and loan decisions notifications, which have been Reviewed Automatically whether to Decline, Accept or Refer, displayed on your Dashboard and based on your own business rules. We can incorporate the associated criteria and business rules into the CBS5 Credit Bureau Solution using RADAR to automatically determine and display a call to action in the CBS5 Dashboard. The Credit Bureau data is automatically filtered and immediately updated based on the business rules and any changes in the clients credit history or circumstances, ensuring consistency and objectivity. No data is overlooked, all information is included in the decision making process. RADAR inspires confidence that your business objectives and goals are in clear focus of all your employees at each and every branch / department throughout the organisation. By automating the decision making process, your team can instantly see if there is an opportunity to cross sell or upsell when speaking with your clients.

Main Benefits
Take advantage of RADAR’s business intelligence
reports, processes and methodologies to:
• Speed up the process of decision making with
direct access to information
• Increase organisational control by ensuring the
results are the way you want them
• Support managerial processes and create the
freedom to focus on business goals
• Improve efficiency and eradicate time consuming
• Increase profitability by providing advance
notification of business opportunities
RADAR creates consistency and saves invaluable time,
whilst enabling you to see business opportunities in an
instant. In todays’ society, change is the rule rather than
the exception and you must react and adapt your
decision making process in line with the constantly
changing business environment. Creditinfo’s RADAR is
a decision support system which will efficiently manage
the large volumes of data, to produce outcomes
based on your business rules using complex analytical
and modelling capabilities. Automating decisions does
not replace the need for human interface, it changes the
nature of the work of your employees, allowing them to
focus on other customer responsibilities. RADAR
combines the human skills used in decision making with
the capabilities of a powerful processor.