What is a Credit Reference Bureau?

A credit reference bureau means an entity specialized in the collection and sale of credit performance information for individuals and companies.

Who is a Credit Data Provider?

A data provider means a person, business or government agency providing credit information to a credit reference bureau.

Who is a Credit Data Subject?

Data subject is an individual or a business entity whose data could be collected, processed and disclosed to third parties in the credit information sharing system;

What information are stored in the Credit Reference Bureau?

Monthly basis credit information on all existing and new credit facilities granted to a person(borrower) by the banks, financial institutions and other institutions authorized by the Bank(CBK)

What information is prohibited as credit information to be stored, shared or processed in the Credit Reference Bureau?

  • positive balances on cheque, savings and time-deposit accounts;
  • a person’s political affiliation;
  • a person’s medical status or history;
  • a person’s religion or philosophical beliefs;
  • a person’s sexual orientation, except to the extent that such  information is self-evident from the record of the natural person’s marital status and list of family members;
  • and a person’s membership of a trade union, except to the extent that such information is self-evident from the record of the natural person’s employment information.

For what purpose does the Credit Reference Bureau use the information?

  • Sale of credit information in the form of credit reports to data subject, data providers and other entities within Kenya
  • Retention period purpose; Credit Reference Bureau retain credit information maintained in its database until expiry of 5 years from the date of final loan repayment assignment or written-off and bankruptcy data will be kept for 7 years from date of discharge.
  • Public awareness purpose; in conjunction with all data providers a Credit Reference Bureau maintain a program of public awareness relating to rights and protection of  the data subject

Does Credit Reference Bureau have other source of information apart from the Credit Reference Databank?

Yes, Creditinfo do collect information direct from borrower, data providers (such as insurance companies, Utility companies, Government agencies, ministries and authority) and other entities engaged on regular basis in the extension of credit to borrowers, guarantors or any other parties to a credit.

What is a Credit Report?

A Credit Report means information issued by credit reference bureau containing all or part of data subjects’ credit history.

What are the types of credit reports offered by Creditinfo?

  • Consumer Credit Reports
  • Business Credit Reports
  • Credit Scores

What is a Consumer Credit Report?

This is a report divulging any or all of the pertinent demographic and credit data contained in the main database in respect of a specified individual.