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Portfolio Monitoring


Creditinfo Monitoring is a powerful support tool for lenders. It is a solution designed to automatically informs credit providers about key credit events or changes of their customers elsewhere in the market.


Monitoring is useful in the management and collection stages of the credit life cycle.

  • Monitoring assists lenders by displaying advanced warning of customer risk profile changes.
  • Assists lenders to take action on their portfolio before critical performance issues take place.
  • Reduce potential losses


All customers are checked against key rules each night by Creditinfo. Should any rule be triggered an e-mail alert is sent with full details.

How Portfolio Monitoring Works

CREDITINFO Monitoring Rules and Parameters*

The alerts are grouped into 3 different categories, each category based on rules and parameters set to alert the lender incase of any changes in each customer’s activity in the market.

Message Delivery

The alerts are sent through in form of email as shown in the image below, the email contains the customer’s Bio-data and a description of the changes that have occurred.


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