Course Overview

This two day seminar will provide you with all the tools, tips and know-how on how to manage and implement an effective fraud risk management program.

Discuss the components of a fraudulent act, the different types of fraud schemes and the impact fraud has on organizations. Also, analyze why individuals commit fraud and why the threat of punishment alone doesn’t deter potential fraudsters.

What will I learn?

Our expert trainer will better help you to understand, through discussions, scenarios, and case studies the following, although not limited to:

  • Why you need to manage fraud risk
  • Business functions and warning signs
  • Day-to-day fraud scenarios
  • Managing fraud risk and creating an anti-fraud culture
  • How to map fraud risk systematically
  • How to develop a fraud risk management program
  • Fraud risk assessment
  • Automated continuous monitoring tools
  • Anti-fraud controls
  • Responding to discovered fraud.
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