Symbolizes all our work, both within Creditinfo and towards our customers, as well as the environment in general. We are professional, we follow procedures, ensure the quality of deliverables and are always honest in our work. At Creditinfo, there is no room for any kind of disrespect or discrimination.


Positivity & Politeness

This is a way to show respect and is part of what makes teamwork – internal and external – much more enjoyable. No blame–game, no paper–pushing and yes to collaboration, team work and positivity.


Social Equality

Gender, race, nationality, age and other such things are irrelevant at Creditinfo. We are all equal and have access to the same opportunities.


Social Awareness

This is what our business is based on. We are here to facilitate access to finance and contribute in strengthening economies, therefore we are responsible contributors to our societies and we should lead by example – behave consciously, responsibly and think long term every day.


Refers to the ambition in our work to achieve tangible results, even if it involves taking unfamiliar paths. We think in simple solutions and create value for our customers, even if a road we need to take is an adventurous and not an easy one. We like adventure and take responsibility for our own performance, while delivering top results.



It is an inseparable part of any innovative endeavor of ours. We like to question the obvious and we encourage others to do that also: if we can simplify, if we can do better, if we can be smarter, if we can be quicker – let’s just do it.



Not only results drives us forward. We want to do better. We want our clients to do better. We want to contribute to the world being better. Let’s have that ambition to do more and make a bigger positive impact than is expected of us.



It is what keeps the adrenaline going, what makes work more fun and more enjoyable. We are discoverers of new and better ways, regardless of what is written in our business cards. This is an important part of our DNA and let’s keep that spirit: let’s not allow ourselves to be bored and let’s not allow ourselves to be boring.

No Nonsense

Refers to our aim to find the essence in all that we do. The purpose is what matters and that we provide value in our services. We spend time and resources in such a way that we maximize their potentials. That is how we get things done. Here is how we exercise social responsibility in a Creditinfo type of no–nonsense way.


We Lead By Example

Whether on duty or not, we lead by example and encourage socially responsible behavior, because we want to have socially responsible and aware employees for whom our society, our environment and our community matters.


A Responsible Day Off For Social Responsibility in Local Communities

Creditinfo is a global company that allows an extra day off to be socially responsible and volunteer by contributing to a good cause that is important to a local community. Members of our staff choose to give lectures at schools and universities, volunteer by helping less privileged ones and support local communities in a way they see best, so Creditinfo supports such acts by giving an extra day off to be coordinated with their direct superior.


Gifts To Clients Are Transformed Into Gifts To Communities

Creditinfo chooses to avoid gifts to clients or partners and chooses to allocate seasonal celebratory budgets to support a good cause that would mostly benefit a matter of local importance instead.