How can Scoring bring value to your business?


Identify Your Best Applicants

Application scores allow you to quantify risk of each applicant and adjust decision based on your risk appetite.


Optimize Offer to Your Customers

Tailor product parameters to the risk and needs of your customers.


Leverage Your Non-Standard Data for Risk Assessment

Your data contains valuable insights on customers’ credit risk. Scoring model can help you extract the full potential of even non-standard data sources and perform optimal decisions.


Collecting Smarter

Discover how to prioritize delinquent loan portfolio and enhance collections efficiency.


Expand Your Portfolio

Propensity models will help you identify what customers are likely to be receptive to new offers.

How does it integrate with your existing decision process?


Seasoned Consultants

Our team of consultants will assist you in adjusting your lending process to accommodate new predictive model.


Easy Implementation

If you wish to implement the solution in your current infrastructure, Creditinfo will provide you with clear documentation and guidelines to assist your team during the implementation.


IDM & Advisor

Our decision engines IDM and ADVISOR offer opportunities to effortlessly implement and use in production resulting scoring models.

Get a Tailored Scoring Solution Fitting Your Needs

Based on Decades of Experience

Creditinfo, through its extensive international experience, has refined its state-of-the-art scoring development framework. Combined with our vast experience of various credit markets across the world, it represents a reliable foundation for the development of your models.

Personalized for Your Business

We recognize each scoring project is unique and thrive to build models and strategies in line with the reality of the business. At each step of the way, our scoring experts will walk you through the insights collected on your data and ensure that the final model is perfectly aligned with your business needs.

Empowering Your Teams

We thrive to build long lasting relationship with our partners. We offer trainings and workshops on scoring and analytics for your teams, to bring your analytics capabilities to the next level together.


Audit & Model Reviews

Refine scoring models using best practice methods and expert consultants.

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Quickly evaluate Credit Data in combination with any custom Input Data.

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