Benefits of Using Instant Decision Module


Cost Reduction

Automation of data analysis according to best-practices or fully customizable strategies, adjusted to customers’ needs, allows to significantly reduce costs, time and effort required to perform data analysis manually.


Risk Management

IDM offers numerous personalized analytical opportunities, namely in the area of risk management. Use the global experience provided by Creditinfo experts in an automated way.


Your Credit Policy

Full support of custom input data structures ensures accurate and precise calculations of all important parameters such as debt service ratio, debt to income ratio, credit limit in line with customer’s credit policy and takes into consideration the application or any other input parameters.


Your Personal Needs

Customizable printouts feature ensures that the IDM report reflects customer’s personal needs and it puts emphasis on those credit parameters that are most important.


24/7 Availability

IDM is available 24/7 with no internal IT involvement required. The platform fully supports web-services for integration.



Data obtained and generated during requests processing is automatically stored for future analysis and the enhancement of decision-making policies.

Key Features of Instant Decision Module

  • Automated integration of external and internal information sources
  • Built-in decision-engine with designer to quickly make changes to strategies without IT involvement
  • Workflow – automated sequential calls of connectors and strategies based on the outcome of previous steps’ data evaluation
  • Dynamic data warehouse for analytical purposes and enhancement of strategies
  • Support of reports visualization – customized reports with focus on key information points and elements