How can Credit Reports help you?

Credit reports are flexible by design to smoothly fit your use case and deliver you the granularity and level of detail you need for your decision-making; whether it is a detailed credit report with a full payment history and credit score needed for an efficient loan evaluation, or a lean clearance report serving as a confirmation of credit status. Credit reports are conveniently accessible via the web user interface, can be exported to PDF, printed, or also reached via report API to integrate with your system and automatized flows.

Accurate and Complete Set of Reported Data and Value-Added Services


Subject Data

Including all important details for individual and companies, such as current and historical names, identification numbers, legal form, business activity, gender, date and place of birth, marital status, citizenship, profession, employment.


Credit Data

Including lenders and creditors account information, payment history, loan details, account balances, collaterals, credit inquiries.


Credit Score

A ranking of customer’s creditworthiness by risk levels, including historical and current score value, grade, probability of default, and a list of reason codes.


Relation Data

Including involvements, marriage agreements, shareholder structures.


Negative Data

Including payment incidents, bounced cheques, exposed subjects, liabilities, AML/CFT lists, insolvencies, liquidations.


Utilities and Telco Data

Including subject data updates, telco prepaid and postpaid data.


Insurance Data

Including insurance policies and claims.


Business Data

Including economic, financial data, financial statements.

How Credit Reports make difference?

Our Credit Bureau Solution (CBS) system allows you to host and deliver a rich set of credit reports for various use cases, for both individual and companies. Reports are constructed as modular, customizable information segments, tailored to perfectly match with your decision case needs and all standard and non-standard data available, for example:

  • In case of loan evaluation process, a report also contains credit score sections providing a smart and transparent assessment of customer’s creditworthiness
  • If some of source data has additional flags (e. g. a disputed content, a subject known to be exposed subject), these additional indications are transparently visualized
  • If there is a need to anonymize sensitive information (e. g. related to other member institutions), specific sensitive fields or segments are masked automatically
  • If history of reported information is the focal point, a report provides subject’s identification numbers, known addresses, phone numbers, email addresses including the known historical values

Credit reports implement an aesthetic, modern, reactive layout that delivers an enhanced, intuitive user experience for wide range of user devices. Credit Bureau Solution (CBS) system also allows you to efficiently archive, audit, and prepare billing documents for all reports generated in the system.


Credit Scoring

Leverage the full potential of your data for credit decisions. Automate and enhance your decision-making process through advanced analytics.

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Configure data-driven alerts and be notified about events in your portfolio. There is no need to check data changes manually, let them come to you automatically.

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