Business Solutions


Advisor is a solution that provides multiple business tools for existing portfolio management including but not limited to collections, limit allocation, upsell, IFRS9.

It is available online to operate batch processing.

Advisor has an extremely simple workflow with no integration needed, but supporting complex business rules.

Advisor accepts input Excel file with subjects or uses Automated Active Portfolio identification on the credit bureau database.

Returns processed data in Excel format through the queue of requests.

Download Advisor Brochure

Areas of Application

Portfolio Management Products

  • Collections Prioritization
  • Pre-screening for cross-sell and upsell
  • Credit Limit Allocation

Retro analysis

  • Automated retro analysis and validation of models
  • Possibility to manage Approval Rates and Default Rates based on the outcome

Automated IFRS9 compliant PD and LGD calculations

Rejection Service

  • Automated Analysis of rejected customers’ performance and recommendations on policy changes

Data Quality Analysis

Any custom analysis on portfolio level