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Before making any actions on the credit market, it is crucial to know your credit history. MyCreditinfo (Monitoring) allows you to keep up to date with what is happening with your credit history and also helps you identify suspicious activities that may appear on your credit report.

When signing up for Mycreditinfo (Creditinfo Monitoring), your National ID number will be associated with your credit report and any changes that occur on your credit report will be tagged and an alert will be sent to your email account informing you of the changes that have been made or reported to us from the financial institution.

e-mail Alerts that you could Receive:

  • New inquiry has been made on your portfolio
  • New negative status has been reported
  • New installment contract has been reported
  • A contract has been closed negatively
  • Any other changes or updates to your information

Subscribe to Mycreditinfo (Monitoring)

Mycreditinfo (monitoring) is available to you at an annual fee of Kshs. 600.