Business Solutions

Strategy Review & Roadmap Consultancy Services

Creditinfo provides its customers with Credit Risk Consulting Services that combine our expertise and knowledge on model development with meticulous analysis of your specific situation and challenges that each of our clients are addressing.

Clear Roadmap to Meet a Business Challenge

  • Ensure that a lender receives the best possible outcome by taking the process thorough and collaborative with the lender.
  • Creditinfo has an openness to listen and understand the objectives of each business and understand that the process should be appropriate for the specific business goals.
  • The review will be conducted by experienced consultants with the lead consultant having at considerable risk management experience, including operational as well as consulting experience.


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Strategy Review Process

The whole process consists of several steps:


  • The scope of the review will cover the key areas of Strategy, Process, Tools, Organisation and Knowledge. The emphasis will directed as appropriate for each customer.


  • Provide the Creditinfo consultants documentation to better understand the process for review.
  • We adapt our standard questionnaires to be relevant for the specific needs of the lender.

On-site Review and Data Gathering

  • Understand the key processes at a detailed level in order to highlight opportunities for improvement in the Customer identification.
  • Opportunity to spend time walking through the process and to sit in on new business processing with a team member.
  • Gather data and take detailed notes.

Follow-up Research and Report Write-up

  • Additional research for the tangible benefit of the lender.
  • Examine the five key areas from the scope in order to obtain multidimensional perspective.

Delivery Presentation and Workshop

  • Results presented by Creditinfo, ready for in-depth discussion of the findings and an agreed Roadmap that can be followed